The new CompTIA A+ certification proves you know IT fundamentals

strong foundation

A+ critics say the exam is only good as a basic IT competency check. But that seems like a good thing? While it’s true A+ certification won’t land you a senior role or coveted technical position, it definitely has its place in your certification toolbox.

If you’re coming into IT without experience, studying for exams help you learn the basics. The A+ exam might only be 90 questions, but you obviously don’t know which questions. It’s like the trick where the teacher or instructor allows a cheat sheet for an exam. By the time you’ve
created the cheat sheet, you don’t need it.

For tinkerers, the A+ will be a little easier — and it will help validate your knowledge. If you’ve already been building PCs and installing operating systems, then you’d easily pass the 700-series exams from years ago. But the most recent A+ exams cover IT security, cloud concepts, and scripting that a hobbyist might not have touched yet.

It’s easier to get a job with a certification. Passing the new CompTIA A+ confirms you know your stuff in an industry-approved way. You’ll certainly thrive in a support role, but that experience won’t hold the same authority on a resume compared to A+ certification. Certifications are a basic competency assurance for an employer. And that’s exactly what a person needs if they have relatively little to no experience in IT