Resolve common issues faster with A+ certification

maze solving issues

In this day and age of service-level agreements, why get your hands dirty? You can simply call the vendor and have them resolve the issues. But wouldn’t it be quicker if you could just do it yourself?

Yes, it is true that most companies will send out their own service technicians to repair most hardware on site. But some manufacturers will ask you to perform in the initial troubleshoot with them over the phone. They can help you point and click, but it’s easier if you can narrow it down in the correct terms. The A+ can help with that — the new exams cover a bevy of operating systems and demonstrate that you can be trusted with a screwdriver. After all, not everyone should be opening a computer, printer, or server.

An added bonus, when you save the day by resolving that printer issue, you’ll be the office hero. That doesn’t happen very often for IT professionals.