If you want to get hands-on, the CompTIA A+ is a good start

head start

There’s a general notion that A+ is only good for a job repairing computers or working a support desk. (As though that were a bad thing.) 

Not everyone aspires to the CCIE or an AWS Solutions Architect. And *gasp*, maybe you actually enjoy human interaction. Let’s be honest, some IT jobs consist of long hours staring at screens and hanging out in server rooms. Not exactly the best fit if you’re a more social person. 

Besides, you’ve gotta start somewhere. The help desk is the first stop for many IT pros. And to land that first job, the A+ really helps. You can stay there, or specialize when you find you passion 

Is the CompTIA A+ worth it? 

Earning A+ certification can open a lot of doors for you. Whether it’s networking or IT security, the new A+ provides you with the foundational knowledge you need to be successful in all areas of IT. When you’re ready to narrow your focus and go-vendor specific, your A+ certification will certainly have been worth it. 

There’s a lot of reasons to earn an A+ certification , so don’t let naysayers deter you. Even if your aspirations are higher up the IT career ladder, certifying in A+ isn’t going to hurt you in any way. Earning certs shows a strong commitment to learning and keeping your skills current.