Develop certification study habits with the new A+ certification

develop habit

 If you’re brand new to the IT certification process, you should take a long hard look at the new CompTIA A+ exam. By now, you’ve learned that the certification provides a strong foundation for a career in IT But if you want to earn the certification, you need to develop good study habits. 

Certifications are a big part of a career in IT, which means you’ll need to learn how to study for them. If the A+ is your first exam, then you’re learning the CompTIA way of testing. You’ll be learning how to use the course objectives to build a study plan. You’ll even be learning how the exam day logistics, like what ID to bring and what it feels like to sit for a 90-minute exam. 

Even though CompTIA A+ is relatively straightforward, it should never be taken for granted There are the obvious monetary implications for not passing — the exams cost $219 for each attempt. You’re also building study habits — good or bad — that will inevitably carry over to other certifications.