CompTIA A+ costs less than a computer science degree

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We’ve debated certifications versus degrees because it’s an important, personal decision. Even our trainers are split on the topic. Depending on who you ask, degrees are great. They’re transferable, useful, and they never expire. So if you want a degree, then you should pursue it. That said, going that route will cost more and take longer than earning the new A+ certification. 

The CompTIA A+ certification exams alone will cost $438. A computer science degree is going to cost quite a bit more. For a two-year CS associate program, the average annual tuition is $20,784 USD. And let’s be honest, degrees aren’t for everyone. 

The utility of either education lies in how you plan on using it. If you are pursuing a career in CPU design or complex mathematical computation, then a CS or Programming Degree is obviously going to be the better choice. 

If you plan on working for a small IT firm that does break and fix repairs, then you land that job with a certification. You’ll be better served by earning A+ certification. The bottom line is thinking about where you plan on going with your career — and find the resources that will help you get there.