• It is considered the most utilized exam in the industry today. The CompTIA Security+ exam is sought by simple computer store owners, help desk technicians, and a certification ladder that even reaches the federal government. The question that consumes hungry candidates isn’t “when,” but “how.” Here are my tips for Read More
  • head start
    There’s a general notion that A+ is only good for a job repairing computers or working a support desk. (As though that were a bad thing.)  Not everyone aspires to the CCIE or an AWS Solutions Architect. And *gasp*, maybe you actually enjoy human interaction. Let’s be honest, some IT Read More
  • cost wallet
    We’ve debated certifications versus degrees because it’s an important, personal decision. Even our trainers are split on the topic. Depending on who you ask, degrees are great. They’re transferable, useful, and they never expire. So if you want a degree, then you should pursue it. That said, going that route Read More
  • develop habit
     If you’re brand new to the IT certification process, you should take a long hard look at the new CompTIA A+ exam. By now, you’ve learned that the certification provides a strong foundation for a career in IT But if you want to earn the certification, you need to develop Read More
  • strong foundation
    A+ critics say the exam is only good as a basic IT competency check. But that seems like a good thing? While it’s true A+ certification won’t land you a senior role or coveted technical position, it definitely has its place in your certification toolbox. If you’re coming into IT Read More
  • Some naysayers might claim that the new A+ is only good for checking a box when you apply for jobs. But HR scanning software can be difficult to deal with. So, who wouldn’t want to have any kind of advantage? Being CompTIA A+ certified is definitely worth it when it Read More