Who are CertMasters?

CertMasters is an organization of like-minded individuals that are inspired to provide a complete educational experience to all of our students that seek out certification and professional growth. With over 20 years of experience in the IT / Certification / Training industry, the founders of CertMasters are bound and determined to right the ship that is the training industry by providing a complete, concise, and affordable training experience for everybody ranging from the entry level data entry associate to the senior security officer.

We work night and day in developing new training methods to an old system. Aside from training videos, we incorporate practice exams with information aimed at preparing students for adaptive format exams. We offer hands-on LIVE LABS that are not built on a railed system and are as advertised: Unhinged, wide-open, and completely open ended.

Why CertMasters?

There are so many options these days you don’t know where to begin. The market has become saturated with weak, partial courses that you can buy in tidbits. Two of these choices, Udemy and Lynda, offer a cheap, watered down, partial solution. Everything we offer is concise, complete, and geared at more than just subscribing to something for a month that you will forget about and keep paying for. Seriously though, would you want to stake your professional future on a company that wants to also teach you how to audition for a soap opera or make an Apple Brown Betty? Do you really think that the price of lunch will alter your IT destiny. 3 Hours of video training won’t do it. You have to purchase 10 of these tidbits to get everything you need to know, and then books, labs, practice dumps. Hey, don’t forget the exam costs on top of it!

Aside from your exam costs (usually included in a live classroom), CertMasters provide everything for one simple, no nonsense, affordable price. Our integrated learning solutions, or “ILS”, is EVERYTHING you want, and EVERYTHING you need, bar none. You will learn, you will prepare, you will pass, you will move forward, you WILL be successful.


One Direction: Forward!

We would like the opportunity to earn your business every step of the way. We can answer any questions you have. Advise you in any way possible, and help you choose what is best for you, not us. We may not offer cooking recipes or a three hour so called miracle solution for the price of lunch on a YouTube commercial. All we do is give you what you need.


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